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Bhadreshwar Jain Temple
17 November 2012

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Street art
15 July 2007

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21 June 2007

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Rained last night
8 June 2007

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Searching for food
23 April 2007

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The lamp
6 April 2007

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What is it?
25 March 2007

Recent Comments

Ana Lúcia on Bhadreshwar Jain Temple
What a spectacular photo!

L'Angevine on Bhadreshwar Jain Temple
intéressant détails

Uday on Old Memories
Nice shot. Looks good in sepia.

Uday on Indian Globe Thistle ( Echinops echinatus)
Very good shot. Thanks for the description.

Navin Harish on Indian Globe Thistle ( Echinops echinatus)
Not something to be carried around in your pockets

greg on Cactus
great clarity and colors.. well done

Tulio on Cactus
Colorful! Nice texture.

Sarito on Cactus
Superb shot.. love the closeup and clarity!

Roland on Cactus

Elena Kotrotsou on Cactus
very nice image

Anouk on Aum silhouette
Very nice, I like it!

Navin Harish on Aum silhouette
Very cool.

Navin Harish on Thanks God, for another beauiful day!!
I absolutely love these little animals. I used to watch them every day during our lunch break in school.

Philip on Colorful
Beautiful colours and an excellent composition NICE!

Damon Schreiber on Large Egret
Beautiful shot!

Vargmåne on Caterpillar
I like it alot nice to be creative, well done

baobab on Caterpillar
I like the detail of the bright green caterpillar, and your monochromatic treatment of the background. thanks for ...

navin harish on Caterpillar
Nice shot, am not sure about the selective saturation

Alphons on Caterpillar
Beautiful picture and nicely processed. Well done!

zahai on Caterpillar
Beautiful detail, and the selective color is quite powerful. Nicely done.

Håkan Dahlström on Caterpillar
A creative and beautiful picture.

Dimitrios on By the pool
well spotted

PeterFH on By the pool
I´ve seen synchronized swimming but this is the first time I´ve seen synchronized drinking. Great timing ...

zahai on By the pool
Awesome capture. Can't be healthy to drink that, though, can it?

Marion on Back lit
a beautiful image and the colors are certainly eye-catching! Love it! :)

navin harish on Shades of flowers
Beautiful colours

Vargmåne on Shades of flowers
very nice colors and composition

JV on Pink and fresh

Michael Skorulski on Pink and fresh
The elements cry for the beauty of creation. And flowers form!

navin harish on Patience
Patience my friend indeed is a virtue...but not a virtue I have

Calusarus on Journey
I really like the framing, here.

navin harish on Beetle
Come to think of it, these are the best brand ambassadors for helmets. Don't know why they have never been used.

Elena Kotrotsou on Beetle
great picture! love the detail

Himera on Beetle
Perfect macro!

Vargmåne on Beetle
nice capture when he is walking, nice coloures !

Ana Lúcia on Signature Spider
Shhh...don't disturb the monster. :)

Kaneabel on Signature Spider
Nice shot! I like the clarity on the thin web strands!

Alun Lambert on Signature Spider
great shot, colourful spider

Veronelle on Signature Spider
good capture, i have never see a so spider

Siam on Berries
perfect shot:D

Giovanni on Berries
Beautiful colours and DOF! Nicely done!

Philip on Crest
Beautiful colours great lighting very nice!

navin harish on Just for you
I like the use of DOF

Sri Harsha on Blowing own trumpet
Beautiful shot. A great moment captured! Well Done!

navin harish on On seventh cloud
You mean Saatven aasman pe.

Vidette on Energy
Love the color, detail, depth and texture in this picture...

navin harish on Go Green
WOW! What a shot

Maxine on Ocean in sky
very well spotted it is lovely.

Angelique on Energy
Such a happy and sunny color :-)

baobab on After the rain
I like the textures and colours.

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